Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dennis Ryan Interview

Dennis Ryan interviewed by a GCSE student from London, England, United Kingdom, UK

Dennis, I am a student studying GCSE art. For my exam I have to produce a sketchbook and final piece on a chosen subject. I have chosen to study fears, phobias and superstitions. One of the criteria is to have written essays on at least three artists of choice. I was hoping to be able to get a short interview from you discussing yourself and your work regarding phobias to help me in writing this essay.

  1. Where did you grow up and study at school?

    I grew up on the south side of Easton, Pennsylvania, and studied art, to be a fine artist, at two different colleges: Pennsylvania College of Art & Design and Millersville University.

  2. Have you always shown such a strong interest in art, and intended to follow it as a career path?

    Yes and no. The interest has always been there, but it is actually more than an interest. Being artistic and creative is part of who I am; there is no way around it. So with all that said, I never really thought of what I do as a career... even when I make money at it. It is just what I do, because I am undoubtedly compelled to.

  3. What lead you to art related to phobias and disorders?

    The profoundly interesting stories in my head and the desire to get them out create the concepts of my paintings.

  4. Is there a history of any strong phobias or disorders in your family?

    Interesting question, but frankly - it doesn’t matter. In fact when you look at my art Dennis Ryan doesn’t even matter. The concepts are so much bigger than any one person or single family. These artistically expressed concepts are what matter most.

  5. Do you have any phobias yourself, if so can you talk to me about them, do you gain inspiration from your own phobias?

    Same answer as above #4.

  6. Regarding your line of work with the subject ‘phobias’ can you explain any symbolism you have included for example the use of cows?

    Divinity; innocence; perception; factory farming; phobias: meat, parasites, etc.

  7. I understand you have drawn on experiences of phobias of others for these pieces, are there any specific cases which you have found affect you more deeply than others?

    Not really, but if I really think hard about it I would say that stories about youth suffering mentally impact me more than any others. It is a blessing to be young and have fun.

  8. Are there any influential mentors or artists you have taken styles or ideas from, or who have affected your personal artistic career in any way?

    No. I purposefully stay a bit ignorant to the contemporary side of art and artists. What others are doing is irrelevant to my art and concepts. It would hold little importance, and be purely coincidental, if my art were ever compared to someone else’s.

  9. Can you describe yourself in one sentence?

    No. Well maybe, but it would be a really long and complicated sentence.

  10. If you could meet any one person, who would it be and why?

    Another good question that I never really considered, so – off the cuff – I would say Picasso; but, oddly enough he died 10 days before I was born, so doubt that will happen any time soon; unless one believes in reincarnation, then maybe I already know him.

  11. Which is your favorite piece of art done by another artist and why?

    Never really thought about it... but now that I am thinking about it... I would say Pablo Picasso’s - The Old Guitarist; because it is so blue, and I stood about a foot away from the original when I was living in the Chicago, Il. area (The Art Institute of Chicago actual hangs it in a kind of claustrophobic feeling hallway/corner area, which luckily, forces the audience to get a incredibly close look!)

  12. And finally, which is your favorite artwork of your own and why?

    Sensational - my most recent painting. And maybe my excitement about this piece is that it is freshest in my mind, or maybe because it is the first of my concepts to segue into video art, or maybe it is just sensational.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Global interest is building for conceptual artist Dennis Ryan

Google analytic's chart over last year. Most recently the United Kingdom, specifically London, has been sending an enormous amount of traffic to my artistic endeavors.