Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fine art painting by Denny Ryan — "Breathe"

This painting weighs in at my current typical size of 3 foot wide by 4 foot high. The title is Breathe.

Fine art painting by Denny — titled Breathe

This painting is approximately 80% finished, or so, depending on what day you ask me...

A new and, I find, interesting addition to this piece is the soap bottle nipples that I have attached to the bottom left corner. Occasionally I will enter the 3rd dimension and this is no exception. Many times when I paint my fine art on wood panels I will invent new creative ways to express my thoughts and concepts.

My fine art nipples

In this case I actually put holes in the substrate at precise points on a horizontal plane and then screwed into the wood panel a few bottle tops from several dish soap containers I had saved; no, I know what you may be thinking — I wouldn't actually consider it hoarding!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Fine Art on VH1? The OCD Project?

OCD Project, OCD art, Phobia art or Anxiety art

I'm currently in talks with The OCD Project, in LA, to see if my fine art is a good fit for the backdrops and scenes of their upcoming show on VH1.

The reality show is being produced by 3Ball Productions, Redondo Beach, CA. It makes perfect sense to me for my art to be on the show. I mean for the past 10-15 years I have been sketching, drawing, printing and painting about OCD. Google OCD art, phobia art or anxiety art and you will see that I'm usually on page 1—very popular! So who better to add some color to the show?

The terms are far from final and decision is yet to be decided. But one thing is for sure... since the popularity of OCD is on the flare-up, and the interest is high, I will continue to look for these unconventional ways to show my fine art.

Oddly enough, I also recently noticed that a smaller scale OCD type project is currently going on in the Philadelphia, PA area, so I will contact them next about possibly displaying my pieces in their project's promotional materials.

For some reason, it seems like OCD and anxiety disorders are more interesting to people nowadays, and are actually becoming quite popular.

This reality show on obsessive compulsive disorder should do very well with ratings. It all depends on the severity of the disorders and the quirkiness of the contestants though. Reality shows seem to almost have a formula for who they pick to be on their shows that keeps the audience interested.

I will watch it... will you?