Tuesday, June 23, 2009

VH1 'OCD Project' says OCD is Pop Culture, no?

So I Googled Obsessive Compulsive Disorder today - as I sometimes do - and was pleasantly surprised at what I found on page 7 (or so). It seems that someone else out there thinks the same way about OCD becoming mainstream as I do. Vh1 is kicking around the idea of creating a reality show about suffers of this mental disorder to show the real toll the illness has on their lives.

A few months back I wrote about it on one of my Fine Art pages.

I wrote:
My focus subject matter, OCD, seems to be on a real tear in popularity nowadays. Shows like Monk are in re-syndication and teen stars on popular Disney® sitcoms are saying "...I'm OCD, I'm OCD..." and laughing about it. OCD is now mainstream! Forget about the days when Howard Hughes was looked upon as an isolated freak. We now give an admitted obsessive compulsive fanatic like Howie Mandel - not one - but two prime time shows!

So I then wonder... if OCD is becoming Pop Culture... when I paint about it in my conceptual fashion... will my Conceptual Art now be classified Pop Art?

"Jeff Olde, VH1's senior VP of programming and production, noted that OCD has become a part of pop culture, thanks to various viral Internet videos as well as entertainment projects such as USA's Monk."

Full write-up here: OCD Project coming to VH1


Anonymous said...

Today was the first time I saw the show it caught my eye, but as the show was going oh my God it was too much like the task to touch the nasty water thats unhealthy and unnecessary but the nex week show no no no is stupid eating feom the toilet come on Iwill never see that show in my life.