Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fine art friendly? — hold the phone

Fine art paintings on your smart phone, sans Flash

One of the main reasons I am spending the many hours redesigning my fine art website out of a total Flash base is that I'm noticing more and more web surfers surfing via their broadband smart phones. These broadband smart phones like the Storm, iPhone and Omnia (just to name a few) don't usually show Flash. In fact the Omnia, which I have and really like, can view Flash but only older Flash that is playable via a Flashlite player. If the website is totally wrapped in a newer version of Flash, then the phone virtually locks up on the site and the user has one choice: to exit.

So until these phones catch up with current Flash players (mainstream technology for motion on the web), my site will use it minimally at best. And it will only use it where the information, fine art or content is mirrored somewhere else on the site not in Flash.