Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fine art painting by Denny Ryan — "Breathe"

This painting weighs in at my current typical size of 3 foot wide by 4 foot high. The title is Breathe.

Fine art painting by Denny — titled Breathe

This painting is approximately 80% finished, or so, depending on what day you ask me...

A new and, I find, interesting addition to this piece is the soap bottle nipples that I have attached to the bottom left corner. Occasionally I will enter the 3rd dimension and this is no exception. Many times when I paint my fine art on wood panels I will invent new creative ways to express my thoughts and concepts.

My fine art nipples

In this case I actually put holes in the substrate at precise points on a horizontal plane and then screwed into the wood panel a few bottle tops from several dish soap containers I had saved; no, I know what you may be thinking — I wouldn't actually consider it hoarding!