Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm a bit enraged about ArtRage

Hey, want to experience painting with oils? Well then you can try software called ArtRage that mimics painting.

Or... could actually pick up a real tube of oils and a real horse-hair brush and really paint! Don't be lazy. Don't be afraid of getting your hands dirty! You could then really experience it. Painting with ArtRage, I'd image is like taking a shower with a rain coat on; sorry, unoriginal, couldn't resist.

Oh, and after you are done with this great mock experience of painting with oils, acrylics or even drawing with crayons, you can take it into Photoshop and apply an adjsutable width stroked frame with a mimiced wood feel and add a beautiful drop shadow - Then, I guess, we could call it digital fine art.

Why, why, why?

Trust me I'm not one of those anti-technology, old school, people that won't learn a new trick. I learn new technologies every day. I just feel that just because something can be developed doesn't mean it should be. And correct me if I'm wrong... didn't Corel do this with Paint and Draw?

This painting software may be helpful for those with disabilities. It would be a good tool for graphic designers that want to mimic the texture of paint, I suppose. And it might even be good for fine artists that can't touch oils, acrylics, art materials or paint thinners because they developed an intolerance to them over the years from exposure. But even then, until there's a pressure tool that mimics the feel of the brush in your hand and the push back from the flex in the canvas, this software's experience will be lacking.

In my view it is a blessing to be able to feel and paint with real pigments and mediums. And that is something you cannot download!